Daily poojas are done by the permanent priest of the temple Sivasri Rajeswara Gurukkal and assisted by volunteer priests during festival celebrations and on Sundays.

Sunday Temple Cleaning & Maintenance Volunteers

Our Kurinchi Kumaran Temple is a beautiful temple by our New Zealand standard. You will agree when you visit and pray at our temple.

The beauty, divinity and cleanliness of the temple are being maintained by a team of dedicated and committed Sunday Temple Cleaning & Maintenance Volunteers.

These volunteers do come on each Sundays, where the temple is opened from 10.30 a.m. onwards and they each start sweeping, vacuuming, removing rubbishes, mopping the floor, cleaning the toilets, cleaning & mopping the kitchen and vacuuming the temple hall in addition to carrying laundering of used towels, deities clothes, washing and cleaning deities lamps and aarthi deepam stands and other used pooja trays and related stuffs.

More Volunteers Are Needed to Replace Retiring Volunteers

More volunteers, regardless of genders are needed to replace few of our retiring Temple Volunteers and retiring Sunday Cleaning& Maintenance Volunteers for our temple.

A Team of Volunteers are needed to carry chariot during festival seasons as well as being part of organising Annathaanam or Festival Feast organising committee.

Temple Humble Request on Prospective Volunteers

All devotees and supporters of our Kurinchi Kumaran Temple who are interested in providing such kinds of voluntary services are humbly requested to contact the Secretary or any Executive Committee Member for more details.