10 Day Amman Thiruvila – Festival 2016 : 13th April to 22nd April, 2016. Tamil New Year & Vishu on Thursday 14th April. Chitra Pournami & Hanuman Jayanthi on Thursday 22nd April,2016

Dear Devotees,

Today is  Wednesday 13th April 2016 is the day and is the evening, and the start of our 10 Day Amman Thiruvila – Festival 2016 at our Kurinchi Kumaran Temple.

Our 10 Day Amman Thiruvila would come to a grand completion on the Chitra Pournami Day on Thursday 22nd April, 2016.

22nd April 2016 also the day for Hanuman Jayanthi Day.

On coming Thursday 14th April is a very important day for all Tamils and also for all Malayalees. Happy Tamil New Year – Year Dhurmughi for all Tamils and Happy Vishu Kani for all Malayalees.

On this New Year day, Kurinchi Kumaran Temple is also opened in the morning from 7.00 am to 8.00 am to cater for devotees wanting to pray during these morning hours on New Year Day.

Of course, temple is opened as usual from 7.00 pm onwards in the evening for pooja and prayers’ and is the 2nd Day of our 10 Day Amman Festival.

Programme for All Days of Festival:

7.00 pm: Abishekam for Goddess Amman

7.30 pm: Nithya Pooja followed by Vishesha Pooja to

                our Goddess Amman.

8.15 pm: Ul Veethi Urvalam of Goddess Amman.

                 Followed by Prasatham to all devotees.

Sponsors for 10 Days Amman Thiruvila-Festival

Devotees who are interested in sponsoring any days of the festival please contact Mr. Rajendran on 04-5685053 or Mr. Thayarooban on 04-5862754 or Chelva Khanthan on 04-9766566 or one of our current Executive Committee Member as soon as you can.

Flowers & Garlands

Devotees are requested to bring flowers and garlands if you can.

Come in large Numbers

Do come in large numbers on all days of 10 Days Amman Thiruvila 2016 and receive the blessings of Goddess Amman.


Your participation and support is highly appreciated.


Thank You.