Mahashivaratri, Monday 7th March

Monday, 7th of March being Mahashivaratri, Maha Vishesha pooja and prayers are being organised on this day for Lord Shiva,

Maha Shivaratri Programme:

7:00 pm – Nithya Pooja

8:15 pm – 1st Jamam Abishekam

8:45 pm – 1st Jamam Pooja

11:00 pm – 2nd Jamam Abishekam

11:30 pm – 2nd Jamam Pooja

2:00 am – 3rd Jamam Abishekam

2:30 am – 3rd Jamam Pooja

5:30 am – 4th Jamam Abishekam

5:30 am – 4th Jamam Pooja

Bhajans & Thevarams will be sung throughout the night by devotees in between the abishekam and 4 jama poojas.

Of course, all devotees are welcome to join the singing of bhajans, thevaram and devotional songs in Indian languages that devotees are used to singing.

Please contact our Executive Committee Members or our temple Secretary if our devotees would like to be sponsors to any of the 4 jama poojas on Maha Shivaratri.

As always, please bring more flowers and more garlands on these auspicious days and receive the blessings.